Venice Beach Diary 1/13/2022

“This is why utterance is magic. Words do have power. Names have power. Words are events, they do things, change things. They transform both speaker and hearer; they feed energy back and forth and amplify it. They feed understanding or emotion back and forth and amplify it.”

-Ursula K. Le Guin

But what if it’s good?

This one made me think. At first glance I see an attempt to comfort the struggling. I lack the fingers necessary to count the times it absolutely felt like it would be that way forever.

Knowing it will not be like this forever is reassurance to not give up. To keep looking at the beauty around me, and the possibility of a better future.

I am not there now, yet I still find this message useful because remember, the good times are temporary too. Unexpected challenges and the inevitable progressions of life stop for nothing. I hate goodbyes, but I will have to say countless more. There will bad news and unfortunate happenstance, but there will be new adventures and experiences. I am where I want to be doing what I want to do and holding onto every single moment for as long as possible because like the sign says, “it won’t be like this forever”.

Everyone was welcome here before it was cool

Bill Rosenthal’s name is enshrined on this beautiful lifeguard tower keeping watch over the shores of Venice Beach.

The plaque reads that he was the first openly gay person elected to the L.A. City Council. He represented his district with dignity, often being referred to as its “conscience”. An honorable title indeed. This commemoration in his memory is absolutely beautiful.

Bill Pearl 1953, and Bill Pearl 1971

The glare is jacking this up but the first full frame on the lift with the man hitting the double biceps pose, and the man in the first full frame on the right holding the big trophy, are one and the same person. This is Mr. Bill Pearl, a champion so many times over he practically wallpapers the gym. On the right he is winning the Mr. America title in 1953, on the right he stands crowned Mr. Universe 18 years later in 1971 in his 41st year. Born in 1930 and still very much alive on the brink of turning 92. He posts profiles of iron game personalities on his Facebook page and still looks like he could rip a phone book in half.

My Workout:

Nautilus Leg Extensions 10 sets of 10

-Heels up Hack Squats (medium weight, mostly knee strengthening) 5 sets of 10

-Close Stance Jefferson Deadlifts 8 sets of 10

-Close Stance Barbell Row 8 sets of 10

-Modified Sissy Squat 4 sets of 15

-Rope Crunches for the abs 4 sets of 50

(no backwards walking in the sand today, the weather was yuck)

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