Venice Beach Diary 1/20/2022

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


The orange explosion of a wandering sun

Song of the Day:

What is it about Bob Dylan songs? He is not my favorite performer but is absolutely one of my favorite songwriters. I am sure that will get me accused of bad taste by some, blasphemy by others, it is just a personal preference.

It must be acknowledged our brains are prediction machines, remarkable ones at that. If a ball is thrown it takes but a moment to make a good mental prediction of where it will end up. “Oh shit, that is definitely gonna hit the window”. The news we choose to consume paints a picture of the world. That picture informs where we think the ball is headed, and if a window lies in the path. If you are stuck believing you live in a dark degrading world mid shatter, I beg you to seek out positive stories and good news. Otherwise, it is a choice you are making. Two people can stand side by side and live in completely different worlds. One consumes news of failures and evil. The other of kindness and triumph. Both stand on the same planet, but not the same world. Understand the entirety of the world is unknowable and we are not making predictions in these scenarios, we are simply guessing. Pessimism is just a cash advance of misery.

The ever-evolving graffiti park.

I am unsubscribing from the binary idea of optimism and pessimism. If you hold negative predictions for the future, you are simply choosing misery prior to the experience. Peace in the meantime is forfeited. Why make such a sacrifice?

This mirror glaze effect was even more stunning in person.

Sunsets are magic. This smooth wet sand dancing with golden sunbeams drew a crowd at waterline. I was about to pass a young woman I thought was taking pictures. She was holding her phone high, so I changed course as to not walk in front. She looked at me beaming a smile so I gave one in return. As I passed I noticed she was not taking pictures, but rather on a video call. The person on the screen looking back shined a smile that put us both to shame. Her soft laugh could be heard over the ocean. I noticed she was quite elderly and looked to be on oxygen. Unlikely up for a trip to the beach. This young woman was sharing a 24-karat sunset with an elderly loved one and it slapped me right in the heart.

A lamplit park and a vibrant boardwalk crowd.

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