Venice Beach Diary 1/21/2022

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

-Bertrand Russell

The Sun looks to be sitting on the clouds as they bend.

Song of the Day:

I actually came across this video looking for another song of the same name. I already had a different song picked out for today (not the alternate version of this one) but cuteness one the day. This video gave me the wholesome feels so I had to share it.

Big Daddy’s food corner setting the scene for an epic sunset pic

The dripping graffiti looks so cool.

The James Webb telescope will have almost zero impact on the day to day lives of humans in the immediate future, but it is going to see further back in time than any instrument humanity has devised so far. Our origin story is about to become much more data rich. Very exciting.

This live feed shows all sorts of neat shit about the satellite. Check it out.

The first acts of Congress were to set up cabinets that were not listed anywhere in the constitution. Secretaries of State, Treasury, and War were established. Had to make sure all the power brokers had appropriate titles because, you know. Then they got to the Bill of Rights. 10 of 12 proposed amendments were passed pretending to limit the abilities of Congress. They did not.

On February 11th, 1790, Quakers presented Congress with two petitions attempting to end slavery in America. Requesting to ban the importing of slaves, begin freeing the ones currently in servitude, and to “take such measures in their wisdom, as the powers with which they are invested will authorize, for the promoting the abolition of slavery, and discouraging every species of traffic in slaves.”

I seriously still buy Quaker oatmeal to this day just because of stuff like this.

Too bad nobody gave a fuck. Pathetic racist trash like WIlliam Loughton of South Carolina reminded everyone that freeing the slaves would result in blacks marrying whites making the “white race extinct”. The argument worked because, you know.

The active slave owning piece of shit Benjamin Franklin even tried to rescue his soul with pleas for abolition as he died in well-deserved excruciating agony. Congress ignored him as he largely ignored his slave’s pleas for freedom.

Two relatively useless amendments got the attention of Congress before they begrudgingly passed the 13th amendment a mere 75 years later. It was first defeated in the House of Representatives because of course it was. The Senate only passed it on the condition it contained language allowing for slavery to continue “as punishment for a crime”. We lead the world in incarceration both by total and per capita to this day.

The sun sinking onto the clouds spraying yellow beams.

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful evening. This building caught my eye tonight. Something about this town does that.

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