Venice Beach Diary 1/24/2022

When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Finally got the big splash pic!!

Song of the Day:

This arrangement is absolutely gorgeous and there is some fun and clever production too. I beg you to watch and focus on the keyboardist’s facial expressions. This just made my day!

The things we overcome are building blocks of our character. Untested character is just talk. What do we do when things seem hopeless? How do we react when we lose? How do we react when we win? How do we treat people who can do nothing for us? How quickly do we forgive ourselves, if at all?

Can you recover immediately from a disruption of temperament? When something upsets you can you recover your peace immediately regardless the circumstances? This is an ultimate superpower. To restabilize our mind at will allows for better thoughts and outcomes. It reduces the actions we make that do not align with our intentions. This is a buildable skill and should be practiced consistently. Try it.

The easiest place to get reps is when driving. Replace every agitation with a thought of compassion. “That person must be really late. I hope everything is ok. I remember times when I was distraught and had to drive aggressively.” Etc. The reaction is a choice, and thoughts matter. Replace toxic thoughts with belligerent empathy and kindness.

Anger ages you.

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