Venice Beach Diary 1/26/2022

“Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.”

-Naval Ravikant

It was a show today.
This lighting gets me every time.

Be humble. People who spend their wholes lives learning about something increasingly grow to accept they know but little. There is this Ant themed game being advertised on Tik Tok and the facts are mind blowing. There is someone who has spent their entire life studying ants. They jump up and down when it is a Jeopardy category. The movie probably meant A LOT to them (but they have very specific pet peeves about inaccuracies). This person knows they will die having only learned a tiny fraction of what they would like to know about ants.

If a lifetime is too short to know anything completely, maybe I need to chill.

I try to set an alarm in mind for when I find myself feeling adequately informed. It is ALWAYS a trap.

Like seriously! I did nothing to this picture but click the button on my phone.
This person has it all figured out.

I wish everyone this vibe. Whatever you feel when you look at this person, I hope you are bombarded with those moments.

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