Venice Beach Diary 1/28/2022

It is what you don’t expect… that most needs looking for.

-Neal Stephenson

My favorite daytime lighting
This is where all discussions of reality begin.

The Double Slit Experiment is the stopping point of human understanding. The point where matter and energy become indistinguishable still seems to display awareness. The floodgates open for woo woo interpretations of this phenomenon, but the most rigorous interpretations fail as well. Is the universe observing itself into reality? Are we but splinters of a grand fragmented consciousness or the manifestation of free will? I don’t know. But I love when dogs recognize me and get excited. It is the most validating experience. What better sign life is being lived correctly than a dog being excited to see you?

This artist is phenomenal. @muckrock. They make this city beautiful and are very active in the recovery community.

This is so gorgeous. I pass it every morning.
I love the reflection.
The park during the after burn.

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