2/7/2022 Diary

“Wisdom is quiet”

There really is nothing like Los Angeles. It is everything all the time all at once and allows me to expect the unexpected in the most beautiful of ways. There is always something happening. There are people everywhere chasing dreams. I had lunch yesterday with a martial arts expert from Europe who spent years training with the Shaolin in China, and a transplant from back east chasing her dreams after working on Broadway. My body ached from hours of training as I devoured a fantastic Tres Leches French Toast with my fascinating new friends. Then I got to spend a few more hours rehearsing fight choreography. I was certain when I woke the next morning it was all going to have been a dream. My inner child was glowing.

I went on a bike ride and weaved through a parade of adorable dogs and accents of every variety. A woman in distress rode past me vocalizing her desire to do physical battle with Katy Perry. Reminding passersby how disappointed the almighty was with them all. My unhoused neighbors were waking from the break in the morning chill.

Then it was off to visit a dear friend at a film shoot. I was introduced to more fabulous people all with the artist glow. A fantastic conversation and the delightful gift of food and it was time for them to return to creating magic, so off I went bicycling down Venice Ave. I dropped by the pier breathing in the salty mist watching sailboats glide by.

The skatepark awash in the golden light of the sunset. The crowd was lively and lovely as always. I really love my new town.

The breakwater is really intoxicating at sunset. The spaces in between the rocks amplify the sound of the waves crashing and withdrawing. The right push and pull of earth and water and it reminds me of the bone organ from Goonies.

I saw a Tik Tok today where the Brevard County Sheriff Department announced the physical address of a house with frequent drug related calls. The man announces the address and that the house is now on their “hit list” undoubtedly destined for a no-knock warrant whether it is the correct address or not.

The nonprofit https://savagesisters.org announced on this video they had sent harm reduction supplies and information on how to get help “if and when” they choose. They cheekily thanked the Sheriff’s department for creating the opportunity to help those struggling even if their intent was to threaten and harm. This is how the drug problem gets solved. Through compassion and kindness. Law enforcement is not the appropriate tool for this even when they are not belligerently threatening violence and exposing physical addresses. Their TikTok says “we attack addiction ferociously with radical love”. That’s the best kind of love.

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