2/8/2022 Diary

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”

-Oscar Wilde

I love this town.

Books are important. Burning them is bad. I understood this very very young. There are no good examples where burning books was a good sign. It has never prevented what was feared in any way. It is ALWAYS a tool of control. These are not the actions of rational people.

I am GenX to the bone and I have seen too many ridiculous incidents to take this seriously. When I was growing up playing records backwards would get your ass possessed by a demon. I don’t fully understand what is motivating this particular hysteria, but it can’t be as bad as that.

Google it. It was absolutely a real thing. Many people 100% believed listening to embedded messages that were revealed when played backwards would get you got!! It was really nuts.

This vividly illustrates the importance of critical analysis. The headlines talk of a “book banning” making it sound as if every copy is going to be destroyed. First of all, banning a book does not eliminate all existing copies. Amazon will have it. Libraries have banned book sections.

The kids have the internet. They will be fine.

If you refuse to read something you are intentionally choosing ignorance. Few things are less forgivable. The choice to be ignorant is anyone’s to make. Making that choice and expecting to be afforded credibility is another matter. Any understanding of how or why people could rationalize a book burning in the 21st century evades me.


There is beauty in the world. I see it every day. Children screaming with joy. Lovers holding hands. Families riding bicycles in long trains cutting through the salty air. The distinctive sound of basketball games. The whacks and whocks of the paddle ball courts. If this town can function with every type of person doing every type of thing there is hope for us all.

Stay informed, not inflamed.

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