2/14/2022 Diary

“There’s nothing wrong with a healthy ego”

-Lee Haney

There’s an artist that just goes by Russ with a song out called Utah Freestyle. There is a line in this song I want to share here:

“me and doubt severed the ties

I be talking to myself to get expert advice”

The mentality it takes to manifest massive dreams can appear a bit arrogant to people. Fuck all that. I am begging you to unlearn that. “me and doubt severed the ties”. What an amazing action to take. The world is going to doubt you plenty, you are under no obligation to participate. Stop it right now!

The moment I severed my ties with doubt is the moment I made up my mind that no amount of failure could prevent me from trying again. I may lose interest. I may redirect my efforts. But nothing can prevent me from learning and trying again.

What value does doubt have? Why should it ever prevent us from making the attempt to be more and do more?

If you have big dreams and want to do big things most people are not going to understand that. People will speak from kindness and genuine concern when they reiterate all the things that immediately pop into their mind that could go wrong. Believing in yourself to the level it takes to step out of a comfort zone is unimaginable to those who will never do so.

“I be talking to myself to get expert advice”!! How great is that?? Seriously! Why do we so often consider ourselves untrustable, or unreliable sources? We are the “experts” in our own lives. Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. We are the final say and we suffer the consequences.

We have spent a lifetime chattering away with ourselves. Why is it so easy to be so cruel to ourselves but not the opposite? When we consult “expert” advice we need to be at the top of that list. If you do not trust yourself to this degree yet that is fine. Work on it. Go to relationship counseling for yourself. You wouldn’t tolerate a relationship with a person you did not trust. If your relationship with yourself lacks trust. Work on it.

The Graffiti Park getting a sun bath
Perfect day
Rollerskaters were vibin
Lavender sky

In 2016 Andrew Yang made an attempt at the presidency. An Asian American running on a plan to implement Universal Basic Income to reduce poverty in the “wealthiest nation on Earth”. Micro experiments with UBI have demonstrated the massive potential such programs have. A recent trial in San Fransisco where people were given a fraction of the amount Yang was proposing saw a significant number of participants secure permanent housing. The “no questions asked” part strikes raw with a lot of people. I encourage avoiding this trap. To believe other people should struggle because you have is the worst kind of energy. To think help should come with conditions is pathetic and gross. I can look out my window and see people who are only alive because people are willing to give to them without asking for anything in return.

There is a common misconception that drugs lead to crime. I am a recovering drug addict and this was not my experience in that world. Drug use leads to exclusion. Exclusion leads to desperation. Desperation leads to crime. Yes, simply giving drug addicts a few bucks to get drugs will make the world a much better and safer place.

Yang’s plan to give every American enough money that no matter what they would at least be able to eat and have shelter was a huge hit with many. Even drawing celebrity support from the likes of Dave Chappelle who made phone calls to voters on his behalf. He met all of the standards to be included in the debates, and I was excited for a moment. Then it happened.

The media did this guy so dirty it was a tragedy. They changed the rules on the fly to keep him out of the debates. They used the wrong picture and spelled his name wrong on the news. The effort to keep his ideas from being circulated was on par with any I have ever seen.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

-Victor Hugo

Is the idea of giving people money when others worked themselves to the bone fair?

It is not.

If that idea strikes a nerve, I pray you direct that anger to the appropriate places. It is not the person in need that is the enemy, it is the system that allows for need when it is no longer necessary that holds blame. It has been quite some time since there has been scarcity in America. There are more empty homes than there are homeless. Hunger in this country pales in comparison to the amount of food discarded daily. The systems are broken. It is going to take radical love to uproot the powers that have been enforcing a broken system for personal gain. There is no excuse to have enough and allow anyone to suffer.

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