2/15/2021 Diary

“Each day we are presented with two options:

evolve or repeat.”


So cool

It is the nature of a pattern to repeat. The sun rises and sets much the same as our daily lives are stabilized through repetition. Summer turns to winter and back again as we wear summer bodies reflecting winter efforts. Stability makes life possible, but evolution makes it interesting. I wish it was easier to convey how rewarding consistent effort feels. So few people reach that moment where they have spat in the face of their breaking point and became something more. Someone better. The act of growing out of stagnant patterns on purpose. A taste of what is hidden behind the curtain of effort. An awareness of our ability to actively adapt to situations and control outcomes. It truly feels like a superpower.

Looks like a painting.

Patience and persistence towards a desire rarely fail to create worthwhile experiences. They will not all be victorious, but victory is overrated. Winning is a fleeting moment. You cannot hold onto to it. That moment will pass as fast as moments do. Then what? Did you change or did you just win?

Is that you?

It hailed today. Yes, at the beach! I did not get caught in it, but I could definitely hear the ones that did. OUCH!!

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Windy day

What a wild time to be alive. The age of accelerating technology is truly a thing of beauty. It allows me to write my thoughts and share pictures I take throughout the day with the world. It also brings about change, and change can be disruptive and destabilizing in the short term. It is what we learn from it and what we become that matters.

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