Diary 2/18/2022

“History is philosophy teaching by example”


Perspective is everything.

It was an absolute light show today. The days with misty skies diffuse the sunbeams in a most spectacular fashion. It makes the day easy on the eyes, and the ocean sparkle like glass. I love it.

One sacrifice society has made in the age of technology is to eliminate the option of free time. When things can be scheduled down to the minute they are prone to do so. Days have a way of filling up accidentally. Toxic productivity fills the space where life should be.

This thing was cool.

It was super windy last night so the bike path was covered in sand. This is a mini street sweeper that comes and sweeps (obviously) the sand into that center square bin. When it fills the whole center piece lifts off and dumps the sand on the beach in a nice, neat pile. It was cool. Moving on.

This was a captivating moment.

The waterline was far out today. I could walk around the breakwater and under the pier. The birds snacked on little critters the ocean pulled the covers off of and lefy exposed. Just when ya think your safe.

have been asked for advice on navigating an uncertain future a few times recently. The world is changing so fast, and the rules are changing with it. If you want to change the direction of your life then I recommend learning how to learn. I am dead serious. Learning is a skill and not one well cultivated by traditional education. “Meta-learning” is the fancy title. In a world where it is becoming impossible to predict the skills necessary even a few short years in the future, getting good at getting good at things is the catalyzer. It creates adaptability and builds a generalist reputation that is in high demand.

Start here:


The course titled “learning how to learn” is one of my favorites. How to optimize reading speed and methods on increasing reading retention is covered. These self-learning tools mean you can get a grasp on new topics quickly, which is the only skill set that will truly matter in the near future.

If you get comfortable self-learning through methods like this the world is yours. I recommend dipping your toes into every random one. I have been surprised time and time again by how engaging some of the most random classes can be. I have taken watercolor classes and advanced biology. Courses on philosophy and project management. Even if I only absorb 10% of the material I am still learning.

If you are not vibing with something, shut it off and move on. Find something that grabs and holds your attention and follow it down the rabbit hole.

This place is magic.

There really is something special about Gold’s Gym. No shortage of people in elite condition but the vast majority are just regular folks doing the damn thing. For every celebrity there are a hundred people on their own personal voyage. For every championship physique there are dozens of people just showing up to win the day. A girl doing a 1 handed handstand right next to a husband and wife just kicking the days ass together. It is a vibe.

That shine so fine.

If your business plan doesn’t start with “this is how we are going to help a lot of people” please don’t start a business.

The moment you have arrived is when you are excited to wake up every day just because.

Reading is physical exercise for the brain. It should be prioritized as such.

We learn at the exact speed we allow ourselves to feel dumb.

If you think the world is falling apart and things are going to hell, you are wrong! Read! If you think the world is on stable ground and everything is hunky dory, you are wrong! Read!

Humanity has two choices:

  1. Stabilize the world population at a sustainable level.
  2. Constantly create new technologies to sustain an exponentially increasing population.

Happy Friday all!!

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