3/10/2022: A Thursday

“Anyone who sees the world at 50, the same way they did at 20, has wasted 30 years of their life”

-Muhammad Ali

The celebration of advancing age is upon me once again. The 71st day of the year will mark my 44th lap around our sun. The year is still young but 2022 has been a pretty great one so far. The 43 before that were pretty bumpy but I seem to have caught a small pocket of smooth sky. I learned a while back a complete restart of life can be what it takes to finally get sailing on a proper heading. Life will inevitably throw obstacles and disruptions our way and it can be easy for these to be the only incidents altering our life. Changing a job in pursuit of a better one is a choice, doing it because one gets fired is not. A fulfilling life is one lived on purpose.

One insight I would like to share is that the process is all there is. Having goals is great. They give plans and endpoint, but the achievement of a goal is a most unsatisfying moment. The process is all there is. If you practice rollerskating you will find it rewarding to learn new tricks or techniques, but it will immediately be on to the next goal. The stories you will tell will be about the big spills. The moments of struggle. These are the ones filled with life. I am not hating on achievement, but life got really fun the moment I realized the hardest moments were going to be the most important.

*I did not proofread this so I apologize for any errors.

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