Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?

Leonardo da Vinci

Researchers in Switzerland are claiming they have created a brain/chip interface allowing a 36-year-old patient with ALS to communicate for the first time in months using nothing but his brain. The first message this cutting-edge technology freed from the mind of the patient?

“I want a beer”.

The second was that he loved his son.

What is so difficult about building a society fundamentally designed to eliminate suffering? Why are unacceptable things still being forced upon people at this level of the game? Incompetent leadership is not being uprooted. Lunacy prevails in so many situations that are far too important for a functioning society to permit.

The public forum interview of a soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice has been an absolute fever dream. The most absurd questions possible were asked and this remarkable woman had to keep a straight face the entire time!!!

The transition from pandemic to possible world war happened faster than I could blink. The stakes are too high to tolerate nonsense any longer.

Now look at these pretty pictures!

Quick movie review. The Batman. It was good.

It was a well-delivered story presented with a unique aesthetic. It is dark and slow in the tradition of detective noir. There is narration done in a raspy voice driving the story along. Everyone whispers or yells. Lots of slow blowing horns adding dramatic effect to very slow moving scenes.

Batman is a detective. The character was introduced in 1939 in issue #27 of Detective Comics. This movie blends modern and gothic visuals into an invoking but not quick moving mystery. My favorite part is the silliness taken seriously with solving the Riddlers clues. It was truly an homage to the Batman and Riddler interactions from the 1960s TV series. Silly riddles solved in a serious tone.

Another deal breaker when interpreting the Batman character is obviously the toys and the Batmobile delivers. Not my favorite of all time but such a bar can hardly be the standard. An excellent action. Some laughter sprinkled through. Catwoman kills it. Go see it.

It is 3 hours so plan to pee.

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