4.3.2022, Venice Beach, a Sunday

“I like myself even more when I am hopeful”

-Sakshi Thakare

Why is it taking so long to evolve beyond violence?

For anyone who noticed I apologize for the extended absence, I was putting in long days on my first movie set. (To be expanded upon in detail in an upcoming long-form article). So please tell your friends and get excited. Flower of Battle is a wrap and I am back at the beach.

These kids were all dancing and having a blast.

Walked outside and saw my neighbor longboarding down the pathway with a giant wing over his head. He saw my smile and stopped exclaiming “isn’t it cool?”. Fuck yes it’s cool. It was 6ft. across and had handles down the spine. He let me hold it to see the drag it was capable of. He said it had taken him all the way from the park to the Santa Monica Peir and back. The part that struck me was when he told me his favorite part of the wind powered (go green!) ride. “Everyone who saw it was smiling so big!”. I love people like that. The highlight of a BATWING POWERED SKATEBOARD ride along the oceanfront for this delightful soul was the smiles it put on peoples faces. Wholesome as fuck.

The sun shining through a hazy day.

Isn’t it strange that you cannot just have super powers? It doesn’t work that way. If you have super powers you are either a “super” hero or a “super” villain. Neutrality is not an option. Anyone with superpowers who does not actively use them to help people becomes a villain by default. No different than if you could reach to save a drowning person and simply could not be bothered to do so. This is not the same for a super villain who chooses to not engage in villainous behavior. Simply not being villainous, in a way, puts the villain in the realm of “hero” simply by the harm they did not do. Weird right?

I love this picture

Time is another concept I have been wrestling with lately. What a cruel technology time is. The awareness of which illuminates the temporary nature of everything we are experiencing here. Every beginning comes with the acknowledgement of an end. Every sunrise the sun is tossed across the sky into the inevitability of a sunset. Every birth a death. Every delicious meal becomes a stinky poo. I guess it makes sense, but it sure is a heavy experience.

The haze in the distance breathing magic.

This reality is simply surfing the edge of memory and imagination. Nothing can be kept. Nothing can be held on to. We look around at the appearance of stillness as we rocket through infinity. We tell stories of “forever more” and “happily ever after” because it is so clearly impossible. We get the time that we get. We need to act like it.

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