4.5.2022 2’sday

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”

-Charles Kettering

The clouds were gorgeous

Last night when I parked my car for the evening there were signs saying “Special Tow Away Zone” advising to have cars moved by 6:30 am instead of the normal 8 o’clock deadline. This usually means construction or a movie crew. This turned out to be the latter. The costumes were vibrant colors in 70s style. I love living here. The other day I watched them film Creed III at the Venice Beach breakwater. The same place the iconic beach race between Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa took place. I was watching from the basketball court White Men Can’t Jump was filmed. I love this city.

This tree is gigantic.

Something about old oak trees. This tree has stood observant over this most odd city for who knows how long. Just chillin’. This off-leash dog park is surrounded by giant oaks. A family could have a comfortable picnic on each side of a single tree and not disrupt each other once.

This gym really is amazing.

I love this city. Have I mentioned that? I got to watch the sun dip beyond roofline in a magnificent light show, finish a great workout, and then get to the beach to watch the sun dip beyond the water’s edge.

Anyone familiar with the movie American History X will remember the opening scene at the Venice Beach basketball courts. It is a night scene. Just after sunset, my neighbor’s son challenged me to a game of basketball and since today was leg day and I have no regard for my recovery ability I accepted. Soon we were shooting hoops at night on the same courts such a brutal story began. There are still a lot of gangs, hate groups, and loads of people stuck in desperate situations with heads full of bad ideas and stained hearts. This was not the scene on the courts tonight. Tonight was good. We laughed and missed almost every shot in the poor light. Some people were lighting off bottle rockets while the wind whipped around the smells of all the delicious food being cooked by the nearby vendors.

I love this city.

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