4.11.2022= 101 Days Into The Year

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable”


Cool cloud pillars

All attempts to predict the future were born from attempts to predict the weather.

Rollerskaters are built different.

It was crazy windy today. Beach wind attempts to put fine beach sand through your body. It gets in the eyes and the everywhere else. I did not even attempt a sunset picture. I just watched safe from behind glass. In the moment, as is often said.

The beach is a different beach after a windy day. There are metaphors to be mined here. The beautiful days bring the biggest crowds. Not all people are fully aboard the Save the Planet train and the beach gets trashed constantly. Community cleanups are common but unless you follow right behind them any walk along the waterline is going to see bottles and caps and chip bags and all sorts of shit. But in the morning the beach looks wild. I will try to get pictures in the morning. It is easy to forget that the millions of divots in the sand are ALL feetprint. Tomorrow morning the beach will be smooth and wavy.

All feetprint

The windy days inject energy back into the system. Yes they stress my little vacum cleaner out but the reset is good for the beach. The ocean returns tons of trash to sender as well. Tomorrow morning the water line is going to be piled especially high with all sorts of garbage. Trash representing disrespect to the surrounding environment . But there will be a small army of people out there cleaning it up. A reminder there is still reason for hope and good in the world.

This was the other night.

Everything goes in cycles. The most beautiful moments often emerge after the hardest. I find comfort in that during trying times. Now I have sand in my everywhere I have to attend to. Be well.

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