4.18.2022 Moonday

“A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says is never accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”

Bertrand Russell (A History of Western Philosophy)

Sorry for the formatting anomaly but this pic was too pretty not to share.

I love me some Bertrand Russell. One of my favorite philosophers for both his eloquence and his prescience. He was a futurist, which is something I consider myself. A futurist is someone who uses the progression rates of technology to make predictions about upcoming realities. For example, video games have made an observable progression over a certain amount of time. Over time it is impossible that this progression will discontinue. There will be new video game consoles released over time and these will be improved upon sans for the collapse of society. It makes for fun thought experiments.

My book opens with a magnificent quote of his.

But did you notice something about the phrasing? Almost all quotable quotes from the past are phrased this way. “He” this and “he” that. It is subtle but significant. When I share quotes originally written in archaic language I simply transition the pronouns. This simple change instantly includes the other half of the human population and changes the context in no way. If the quote read “A stupid person’s report of what a clever person says is never accurate, because they unconsciously translate what they hear into something they can understand.” Is anything lost? Diminished? Not in any way.

I’m obsessed with lens flares.

When the War of Independence erupted in 1775 many women enlisted to fight alongside the men. Deborah Sampson, just 21 years old when enlisted, was shot in the groin and dug the musket ball out herself with a penknife, and sewed her own wound shut. It is far from unreasonable to demand inclusive language.

Yes! Another lens flare. I am obsessed with this pic.

These pics are from last night. The sunset got snuffed out by clouds today. It was a beautiful morning and most of the day. Just the golden hour suffered the wrath of the elements. Hopefully some pretty pics tomorrow.

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