5.1.2022 Back at the Beach

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music.”

-Frederick Nietzshe

A vibrant woman was consulting a client on the boardwalk today. She wore a whimsical hat and had organic shapes painted on her face in bright green with black accents. Her sign said “medicine woman”. She had a paying client with her and they were deep in conversation. My first impulsive thought was to classifythe interaction as a sucker being taken by a fraudster. I did not like that thought, so I thought more.

I observed them only for a short time but the interaction seemed very positive. Who gives a shit what this medicine woman advertises herself as? I didn’t see any potions for sale or anything that spoke of danger. If that client left the interaction happier or uplifted in any way why object? What possible reason could I have to interfere with that? Even having the audacity to classify the interaction in a negative way was silly. Who tha fuck am I to have an opinion on it? Nothing about it seemed negative. The client may have just needed an ear from someone who wouldn’t judge. There was nothing to signal the need for intolerance in any way. There so rarely is.

Venice is the pinnacle of tolerance and acceptance. It blows my mind how broad the range of the alternative lifestyles represented. Just a moment’s walk further there was a group of men who come out and shout the bible aggressively at passers-by, and encourage people to come up and question/confront them. Then they rage recite bible verses. Something for everyone I guess. Again it is not my place to understand or have an opinion, but I love how much it proves that a diversity of people can struggle together and make a fantastic community.

Tangent Alert:

Why doesn’t weird stuff seem weird for very long? How did we come to have such high expectations for the advancement of technology that when it arrives it goes from woah to meh overnight.? Just having a smart device that answers questions when asked should be enough to break reality. But it’s not. Rockets land vertically on robot boats at sea and in a world with no shortage of mass panic over nonsense, we do not question reality when it seems to flex and bend too far.

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