A Special Sunday

The Meaning of Life

In the grand scheme of things is becomes clear that life is meaningless and makes no sense. I also find it a such a relief to know this. Does that sound weird? Why? Does it sound discomforting? Why? 

What comfort comes from believing life has some mysterious meaning? Think of all that implies. That the whole point of all of this is a mystery yet unsolved. Everyone who has passed away what?… failed the test? What would happen when we figured it out? 

I think we are free to give life the meaning it gives us room to make. There is so much out of our control but we are not what happens to us. We are what we choose to do in the moment. The adventures we seek and the stories we live are everything. Spending time with loved ones and like minded people. Petting a strangers dog at the beach. Watching a sunset listening to waves crash into sand. These moments are not the meaning of life, but they sure do give life meaning. 

It is a bit surreal to see a country celebrating Mother’s Day when the powers that be are still attempting to keep women subjugated. We have come farther in securing the rights of pets and passwords than we have the humans that bear children. If you have a good mother celebrate her. The cards were stacked against her. If you have a shitty mother, I am very sorry. You owe them nothing and I wish you peace. Hopefully someday soon we will have a Mother’s Day celebrating the idea of motherhood and appropriately honoring those who bring life. 

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