5/24/22 It’s Time to Put Down the Guns.

I didn’t edit this or even reread it. Here is my impulsive first reaction to this edition of Shooting of the Day.

I still remember the first time I heard a news story of a shooting. It was at a Luby’s in Texas when I was very young. I don’t remember the year and I don’t care to look it up. I was very young. I heard the story of a man barging into the restaurant and killing people with a shotgun. I had shot a shotgun at that point in my life. I knew how shocking the blast was when one was fired. The next several times I was in a restaurant I remember thinking “what if someone just came in now and starting shooting us all?”. What a horrible thing for a child to sit in fear of while having dinner out with their family.

As awful as that is, what is far worse is that I stopped worrying about it. You can’t actively fear something very long. I just accepted the reality and became numb to it. I remember a kid bringing a pistol to school in elementary school. It was Texas after all. I have been in multiple situations where gunfire broke out. An absolute angel of a human was taken at a high school desert party close to prom my senior year. Then soon thereafter Columbine happened. An athlete on the track team was in her freshman year when she learned the coach who helped her become a collegiate athlete was shot to death back at the school she had just graduated from. She realized that she would have been at school that day had she been 1 year younger.

Since then it is just commonplace for these incidents to occur. I can’t remember a significant number of details about any of them anymore. I absolutely fucking refuse to learn anymore of these cretins names.

Guns exist and America has a massive fetish for them. There are 120 guns for every person in the United States and we are a massive outlier in terms of how many children get murdered at school per month. There has also been zero effort to do anything about it at any time whatsoever. How much longer is this going to be the reality in the self proclaimed Land of Liberty?

The history of the United States from the year 2000 and on is going to be a time where the entire country was notified of fruequent incidents where children were murdered at school and responded with complete inaction. One side argueing passionately in defense of the guns. The other side aquiescing under the weight of a coalition. An association of people comfortable with chldren dying whilst being educated as the cost of freedom.

There have been bills presented for decades that would enact reasonable measures allowing the fagile men in this country to keep their phallic pride sticks while building and improving a system based on responsibility and accountability. I do not see an argument for being against reasonable systems of responsibility and accountability.

So what is reasonable? I would prefer it be whatever level keeps people alive while there are at school, places of worship, and grocery stores. Is that not reasonable? How is that not the most reasonable standard to live up to? What kind of psychopath wants to keep the boundary more narrow than that?

One of the saddest bars I have had to lower my entire life is how much a have to accept that guns are just a thing where I live. People are going to die everyday doing mundane things because our standards of responsibility and accountability are so low.

Guns will evolve away eventually. American kids already know we are the only country with this problem. They already know the cost. They are not going to accept a society in which sending their children to school is to risk them being in the next American Shooting of the Day.

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