It has been a moment since last we spoke…

I have lost count of the times I sat to write a “catch up” to be overcome by overwhelm.

Things have been beautiful out here. It is summertime and the beach is an absolute circus on the daily. Kids are out for summer and the beach is scattered with “surf camps” and “lifeguard camps” and all sorts of group activities. It is cuteness overwhelm on contact.

The sun sets behind the mountains in the summer. Kinda sucks. It kills the winter afterburn that can last hours. I know. Boo hoo right!

I love this clown. It is the patron saint of Rose Ave. and Main.

A beautiful homage to the man who calculated the bridge of reality.

The symbolism of the ocean’s edge is profound. There is no feeling like it. The energy of the water scratching away at footprinted sand. Gorgeous mountains, ruining the afterburn, but not entirely ruining the world’s most enchanting sunsets.

My absolute favorite movie theater on Earth is now officially the Alamo Drafthouse. This is simply the top of the escalator and look at it! Fucking look at it!! I was vibrating.

They serve food to your seat but it is really really good food. A refreshing change.

A dear friend took a leap of faith with me and went and saw a Tollywood film titled simply RRR. It was hands down the most exciting theater experience I have ever had. I lost count how many times the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. If a theater near you is playing this, GO AND SEE IT NOW!!! You will not regret it.

Stupid mountains.

I don’t mean to brag but more than 2 places in the Venice area are giving me the “local” discount. So I guess you could say it’s official. This place is still insane and I love it more and more every day. The people are so kind and fun-loving. I see lots of people looking out for one another. Manny, sells sugar skulls, dream catchers him and his wife make, and beautiful paintings on wooden boards. He has always been super friendly I am going to get his Instagram and post it in a future article. Keep your eyes open and don’t gamble with money you do not want to lose. Yes, you will lose.

That is all for now.

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