August 1, 2022: Where to sit?

New situations always bring with them an inevitable decision. Where to sit? Not always in the literal “ass in a chair” sense. More of a, where is the best place for me to be at any given moment?

A good answer for me is always, “between the next smartest and next dumbest person in the room”. The dumber person shows me what I do know, and the smarter person shows me what I don’t”.

*being “dumber” does not make one dumb. Being dumb in an intentional choice. Being “dumber” is part of the learning process.*

I find myself in the luckiest of situations at the moment. I spend my days with brilliant creatives. Martial arts masters, acrobats, singers, writers, and all sorts of computer wizards weaponizing technology into creative tools.

I feel overwhelmed by my good fortune. But I also DO NOT feel it came easy. There was I time I would have described myself as having “bad luck”. And since I was not ready to accept that “bad luck” was 101% the consequences of my own actions yet, I went on the pursuit of good luck.

Good luck is formulaic. It can easily be increased. But here is how I did it.

  1. I showed up.
  2. I kept showing up.
  3. I read a lot.

I know. I was pissed too. I wanted it to be a spell or something.

I will elaborate in the next article and ask any questions if you want them answered.

Here are some more pretty pictures.

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