8/4/22 A Good Day at the Beach

World Famous Gold’s Gym Venice

The sunset was beautiful and the clouds offered a particular color palette uncommon to the beach. Scattered clouds picked up pinks and purples and scattered them across the sky. The beach has exquisite sunsets but this one was uncommon here. I know this because I am familiar with this particular sunset style.

Arizona Style Sunset

This is a sunset you see in Arizona. This hit me in the feels. I left 30 years of my life back in Arizona. A large portion of family, a lifetime of familiarity, and a million nights looking in awe at skies exactly like this. I watched these sunsets at the end of grueling football practices and at the end of first dates. Dates at a mall which was torn down last year. Or at a movie theater erased even more recently.

So many nights in the pool with family and friends celebrating anything and everything just for an excuse to hang. A light show like no other. It was nice to see something so magical remind me of home, even if it got me a little homesick.

This intersection has been hopping for over 100 years. The epicenter of the first city in America created for the sole purpose of having a wonderful time. I have seen concerts and multi-million dollar fashion shows completely take the place over and then be gone like a circus in the wind. It’s dripping with art and the music never stops. You can hear the heart of Venice beating.

Lot’s of big things cooking. I am excited to share them.

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