Labor Day Weekend

The beach was absolutely packed all weekend and it was muggy as balls out. Crazy good time though. It has been a busy couple of months and just checking out the last couple days has been wonderful.

It was great energy all weekend and let me just tell you who stole the show.

Y’ALL!!!! These two were so stinking cute I almost fell over. The guy looked like he had just been watching golf and the woman was wearing a soft white beach dress. They dragged a whole ass table to the beach. Flowers in a vase and little electric candles and a teapot. They were having pasta with red sauce.

It was super hazy and made for a gorgeous sunset. From this distance you can hear the screams and cheers from the rollercoasters. The pier always sounds so happy. I love it.

The sunset was a cooker and just begged to have its picture taken. So here ya go.

It has been almost a year out here. I was going through an old notebook and I came across some goals i had written when the idea of moving to L.A. had only just started to rattle around. Ideas and goals of what I would do if I had the courage to chase my dreams. It has never felt so good to cross every goal off of a goal list. Every single thing on that list has been accomplished and then some. I am so very grateful and had a bit of emotional overwhelm when I randomly came across something so validating. Maybe this will all work out after all.

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  1. sfedis September 6, 2022 / 1:34 pm

    Love reading your blog and following your journey! Living your best life 🙂

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