Bio: My passion is performance, mine as well as anyone who seeks to achieve the most extreme results in the shortest time possible. I played college football and was an All-American hammer thrower. I'm also an accomplished powerlifter, strongman, Highland Game competitor, grip competitor, and professional arm wrestler. I am a passionate trainer, as well. I have been helping people achieve their athletic, personal health and fitness, and appearance goals for the better part of 20 years. I've held every notable certification in the industry, but, as I have not found any of them to progress at an appropriate rate, I currently have 0 active and am very proud of that fact. I allow my reputation, not my certification, to sing my song. My intent here is to initiate discussion and exploration, while at the same time presenting the most effective and productive strategies, products, and tactics for achieving results to produce the next generation in evolution of the modern human being.

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